FYI: Reset Network Warning - Don't Delete Your eSIM!


I had to contact Ring Support in order to get my new Ring Chime Pro (2nd gen) working. The troubleshooting step that resolved my issue was resetting the network settings on my phone (Pixel 2 XL).

Resetting the network settings also erased my eSIM card which means my phone could no longer connect to my mobile provider (Google Fi) and couldn’t make or receive calls or texts.

I didn’t realize this was the case right away because my phone didn’t drop the call I was on with Ring support. It was only some time later that I tried to send a text and it failed that I realized something was wrong. After Googling around for a fix the solution was to factory reset my phone. I did so, my phone downloaded another eSIM, and it works fine now.

If you know of another fix besides a factory reset please let us know!

If you’re a Ring customer reading this please know there is a check box for erasing eSIMs on the network reset screen. It defaults to checked on my phone. If you uncheck this box before performing the reset I think you’ll be fine. I attached a screenshot of this screen to this post.

If you’re a Ring employee reading this please update your support troubleshooting steps to include unchecking this box or otherwise checking to be sure we’re not going to erase our eSIM. Needless to say I was quite upset that I had to go through the process of factory resetting my phone, but if I had needed the phone or text functions because of some emergency - wow. Wow.