Future Devices- battery dock charger!!!!! PLEASE

Hi Ring,

I have ring doorbell, 2 battery exterior floodlight cams, one wired (love, love,love it) floodlight cam and have just ordered the affordable indoor cam. The doorbell and two battery devices are superb but in my cold winter climate require frequent charging. I would love to see a dock charger that allows for a speedy recharging and at least dual battery slots so I can get my cams back up and running asap once the battery is depleted. You could even make a wired indoor cam with dual battery charger in one, killing 2 artifical birds with one stone. keep up the great work! Chris

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Actually, they should make a port at the bottom of each battery, like a usb port, so that it can be charged in place, without having to remove it.

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Agreed on easily removed ring devices but some are screwed in securely…so that would not help.