Furnace triggers motion alerts

Hello. I have several Ring products monitoring my property. My first Ring purchase was my Ring Doorbell Pro. We have, for lack of a better term, a “courtyard” which the Doorbell Pro monitors. This is a cement patio, and in the line of sight of the Doorbell Pro, we have our furnace’s exhaust, and our dryer’s vent. As the weather cools, the furnace kicks on and produces a large steam cloud, which the Doorbell Pro detects as motion, and sets off every alert in the house, including Alexa. I already have “People Only” moode set to on, but it still sets off a motion alert when the furnace kicks on, or the dryer is run. What else can I do to eliminate these false positives?

Hi there, @solson440! You’ve done a great job to narrow down the culprit of these alerts. Environmental or appliance related factors can be tough to avoid. Adjusting settings was an excellent step to take. As this did not result in preventing these alerts, the next best step will be to angle the Doorbell Pro, if possible. We understand that all homes are different and can present variables that require physical adjustment. In these cases, we recommend trying our Wedge or Corner Kit to angle your Doorbell Pro downwards or left/ right, away from the furnace. These are available on our accessories page at Ring.com. :slight_smile: