Frustrating/silly returns procedure

I have never experienced such a silly and convoluted return of a product in my life.

I already have the Ring Door Bell Wired.
Being happy with it i decided to go the whole hog for my house.
Apart from buying the XL alarm system last week, i decided to add a couple of the outdoor wired “mount” cameras.
Buying during Black Friday week, the cameras had £20 off. Like the big discount on the Alarm, i assumed that was the best deal they were doing.
However, the day before Black Friday, Ring decided to knock £70 off each camera!

Knowing it would be pointless trying to get customer services to just refund the difference, because like Amazon, they would just tell me to return them and buy them again. (Stupid when it would be easier for both parties)

Sooooo, it began!

No online chat?
No email support?
No ticket system?
What is going on?

So the phone support it is then.

Half an hour on the phone waiting for customer care (care? really?)
I had to get a verification number from my account just to get through on the phone.

Now being late for work, i tried to ask for a returns authorisation.
No problem she said!

CS: Before we can continue, can you open your email from me and click the link to allow me to open your account.
ME: But i’ve just done this to get through on the phone
CS: Ok, but you have to click the link
ME: Ok, but it will take some time because i’m on the phone used to open the email

CS: Ok, thank you for clicking the link, i will now look at your account

CS: Can you give me the serial number and MAC address of the cameras
ME: Err, no. They are still boxed up, brand new and sealed
CS: Well open them and give me the required information or you cannot send them back
Me: If i open them, then you cannot sell them as new???
CS: That doesn’t matter, i need the required information
ME: OK, but i’m late for work and don’t really have the time

So, i peel off the security tabs. Open the boxes. And get the MAC addresses.
I give them to the Customer Support person.

CS: Great, now can you take a picture of the serial numbers and send them to another link i’ve just emailed you.
ME: WHAT!!! You have to be joking right?
CS: No, you have to do this or you cannot send them back

So i take pictures of the serial numbers. I send them to the email i was sent.
So you would think all would be good right?

Nope. Get’s home from work to see a email saying i’ve emailed an address no longer used by RING!
So i search for another email address, and send the picture and all the information i had.
Later this evening i get a reply that they have received the photos and here is my return label.

Trouble is, it is only one label. I have two items/boxes to send back!

I just don’t know what to do. I’m beginning to lose it. I’m not even really a proper customer yet and this is how things are going. I’m thinking i might be best ditching the lot.
God knows how long this will all take, as they haven’t even sent out the alarm ordered over a week ago.
Oh and i’ve already re-ordered the discounted cameras, so i’ll have to wait for those to come so i can open them and send them back.

Please tell me my experience is a one off and this isn’t the way Ring customer service works?
An hour on the phone. A day to get one label. No idea if and when i’ll get the second label. Another hour on the phone. Just to send an item back?

If i had ordered via Amazon. I would have clicked one button to return. Filled in the online form and printed my label. Why is RING so different. I thought the two companies were linked.

Wow, this this the first post I read on my first visit; not a good start. I wish I had some useful info, but wanted to wish you good luck anyway. I got mine on Amazon. Love it.

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How Ridiculous!
I too have an item to return & not looking forward to it after reading this post
I did wonder when I open the box today & found no return label.
Like you say an Amazon return is so very easy.

Decided to ask to return my Chime Pro as they say no questions asked.
Rang Ring today and on the phone just over half an hour
crazy system had to verify my Ring account through
After the fourth attempt, the lady got the verification.
After answering the questions regarding the customer order number, Mac address, and my home address
she said i would receive an email with the instructions and label, 4 hours later I am still waiting for an email.
Just wondering does anybody know how quick customer services are able to do this
or will i have to try & ring them again?

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Amazon owns Ring, doesn’t mean their order processes have been merged.
Seems that if one is susceptible to order issues that ordering via Amazon would be preferred even without the Ring discount. Sometimes a few bucks are well worth the trade of less frustration.

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Well i’m nearly there. Due to Customer services only operating (European) hours, i couldn’t ring them until my work allowed. This has taken days.
After jumping through the same hoops before they would at least talk to me, it turns out i can use the same return label.
I asked could they confirm this via an email, as i didn’t want to send both back on the same label only for them to only refund one etc.
No email arrived!
So after waiting until today due to work, i’m hoping to send them off.
God only knows how long the refund will take, and if i get both refunds.

At least i’ve just got a message that my order from the 19th November has finally shipped!
Not sure if 18 days from ordering is fair, but at least it’s on the way. Well it isn’t as the tracking just shows DPD has been informed and hasn’t actually got the parcel yet!!!

Never ordering direct from Ring again. Amazon for me…