Force to link Ring to Amazon account

I don’t know if anyone is aware of there no option to opt out Ring linking Amazon account before they can add other app shortcut to Ring app. Recently I try to add a garage shortcut to Ring app. Which it is supported in Ring app. In the Ring dashboard there is an option to add garage. At step 3 “First, link your Amazon account. This lets you use Amazon-supported devices alongside your Ring devices in the Ring app.” There is no opt out selection. The two options are exit the process or LINK ACCOUNTS. Not everyone is comfortable to link Ring and Amazon account together. Remember the eavesdropping from Amazon Alexa and Ring accessing user video. We should have the option to opt out the linkage between Ring and Amazon account when adding other home automation shortcut to Ring app dashboard. I am aware of Amazon owned Ring. It still two separate services and fees. Privacy is still on top of my list.

Hey @SunnyD. I’m happy to explain this account linking and integration for you. When using a Shortcut in the Ring app to control a 3rd party device, your Amazon account serves as a way to allow this integration. Without this account linking, the integration would not be possible. These Shortcuts are optional and not required, but aid in ease of use of your compatible smart devices. This might require additional apps/accounts depending on what device you are integrating with the Ring app.

We also value your privacy and security. You can find out more about our Privacy Policy here as well as Amazons Privacy Policy here. I hope this information helps!