For houses with multiple cameras Ring Chime should allow a sound to be set set for each camera

For a house like mine with 5 Ring Floodlight Cams, it would be great if a Ring Chime allowed a chime sound to be set for each camera. In otherwords all of the cameras could share a single chime but the chime would have a specific sound for motion on each camera. As it is currently, I have 5 chimes, one for each of my cameras.


Mine does this today with different cameras. Ring announces “There is motion in the backyard” or “There is motion is the sideyard”. It is under Setting, Alert Settings, App Alert Tones.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my first comment. I know that the Ring App can play a different tone for motion alerts from each of multiple cameras, I want a SINGLE Ring Chime to have a setting for the alert tone for each camera. In otherwords, multiple cameras require only a SINGLE Ring Chime. Right now a Ring Chime only has one tone selectable and multiple cameras linked to that Chime all play the same notification tone.

I’ve asked Ring for this exact feature 2 years ago. No luck. All they said that they would forward to the developing team.

Seems like an easy add on. Also what would be great, is to Snooze multiple chimes from a single location. I have 3 chimes in my house, and would have to go to each device to snooze whenever I’m outside the house for awhile.