Flying insects trigger the Motion detection during the night

It would be very helpful to add functionality to the motion detection to prevent it from being triggered by flying insects. This seems to only happen in the evening. I have seen several posts about this in the community but not on the feature request board. Is there anything that the Ring Developers could do to allow the motion detection code to recognize that flying bugs should not set off a motion alert?

I have people only alerts set. Insects should not be detected as PEOPLE. My Nest Cameras have NEVER detected an insect as a person. Heck, I have been running Nest cams for so many years I can’t recall the last time an insect set off even a motion (non-people specific) alert. Ring, fix this! Every single one of my Ring outdoor cameras is sending people alerts EVERY night when an insect flies by. RING you can do better!!!

No. I have used cameras from dozens of other systems. I have never had an issue. This is a Ring issue. Please stop making excuses. An insect in no way should be identified as a person, ever, plain and simple.

So I have more than one dozen Nest cameras, running for 6+ years. I get maybe one false motion alert every few months, usually caused by a shadow.

I just bought three Ring cameras, running for a couple weeks. I’ve gotten north of 100+ false motion alerts, day and night. During the day, squirrels are tagged as PEOPLE. At night, flying insects are tagged as PEOPLE. This is atrocious.