Floodlight wired offline

My floodlights wired (not cams) went offline after 2 days. They still work for motion detection, the bridge is connected to Ring, but the lights won’t reconnect. Anyone have any suggestions?

This is odd to hear of, @Dnring! Just to ensure I’m understanding this correctly, your Floodlights are indeed online and will notify for motion in your Ring app, but the lights on the Floodlight are not illuminating with motion or the Ring app lights toggle?

If this is so, please disconnect power to the Floodlight for a few moments, then power it back on. If possible, try bringing the Bridge closer to this area. While it should not make a difference, try assigning this Floodlight to it’s own light group to see how it behaves there. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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