Floodlight wired not so smart

One of my floodlight has been offline for more than 2 weeks and I can’t find one way to make it connected to wifi. My internet connection is more than good, the Ring bridge is working without problem but the floodlight is offline and the app does not have any option for reconnecting or resetting the light, I turned the power cycle off and back then nothing. The light works when it detects motion, but the ring app is useless.

Hi @gabebracho! Have you attempted to remove the Floodlight Wired from your system and re-add it? The Floodlight Wired doesn’t communicate on WiFi, as it connects through the radio frequency that the Bridge creates. I would recommend trying to remove and re-add it, and see if it comes and stays online. If you are still unable to get it online, it would be best to contact support at 1-800-656-1918 for further troubleshooting.