Floodlight Wired (no camera)

Forgive me if I’ve entered the wrong area. I did not see a separate category for the Floodlight Wired devices. My floodlight does not have a camera.

Can I adjust how long the flood light remains on, after motion has been detected?

Motion is triggered when something or someone is within 10 to 12 feet of the sensor. Can I increase the distance so the light will come on when motion is 20 feet away?

Thank you

Hi @CmgDme22. The Floodlight Wired motion detection can be changed in the Ring App. To do this, just select the Floodlight Wired, tap Motion Settings and choose Low, Medium, High or Custom to adjust the sensitivity. To adjust the duration the light comes on for, select the option that says Light Settings. You’ll be able to chose one of the listed times, then tap Save to confirm these changes. I hope this information helps!

Thanks Tom. My wired floodlight appears in the Ring app, twice. One is called Driveway Garage and the other is called Driveway Garage Floodlight. I was accessing the one labeled Floodlight, which did not give me the option to change the duration time. The Driveway Garage selection is the correct one.

I’m not trying to change the sensitivity of the motion detection. I’d like the light to come on when motion is further away from the floodlight. It currently seems to be approximately 12 feet. Are you saying that by increasing the sensitivity, this will cause the light to come on when motion is further away, such as 20 feet?

Hey @CmgDme22. Correct. A higher sensitivity will allow your Floodlight to detect objects further away. If your Floodlight is picking up a human consistently at 12 ft., increasing the sensitivity will allow that same human to be picked up further that 12 ft., depending on your adjustment. I hope this helps!