Floodlight wired is useless

Perhaps this is partly my fault for not doing more research. Recently put up a flood light cam, and today put up a floodlight wired, and have a battery flood light that I was going to put up. I have been really impressed with the functionality of the floodlight cam

The most basic function of a floodlight should be to turn on the light. Sounds simple. But for some reason you have decided to only be able to turn on this light with the app. Why would you not design this to be able to turn on with the light switch. I put this light up to replace an existing motion/floodlight that was no longer detecting motion but I was always able to flip the switch twice and get it to stay on. Today I put this light up and after much hassle with the app to activate the bridge and a short outage of rings system (again) I finally got it working just in time for it to be dark. Went to let the dog out and flipped the switch on and just got a single flash and it turned off. I thought the light was broken until I did some googling.

To make matters worse if I set the light to stay on until I turn it off and the light switch gets turned off then the app kind of freaks out and doesn’t know what to do. The app still thinks the lights are on and after flipping the switch back on I had to toggle the lights on and off about 10 times in the app to actually get them to come back on, and now I have one device where the app still shows the bridge and the light being on and connected and able to control it and the other shows them offline and refused to see them until I power cycled the phone. Why cant the bridge or the app just remember the last power state of the light before it lost power and restore it after losing power while also offering the ability to use the app or an echo to control it? If I walk downstairs in the middle of the night or early in the morning to let the dog out and forget my phone I don’t want to have to go back upstairs and get my phone just to turn the light on. Again it seems like basic functionality of a smart device should be to take existing functionality and improve upon it, not to make it overly complicated and poorly functioning. Pretty sure I am going to box this one back up and return it to amazon. It is not going to work for what I need, and I am not even sure I will be able to turn the light on if the Ring network has an outage which makes this unreliable and unusable. Love my Ring Floodlight Cam which is why I bought more devices, but this is a complete failure in its current state.

The Ring floodlight wired has a big motion detector in the middle. If it doesn’t work, maybe it was turned off in the app. Otherwise, it must be defected.

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community, @intender! As @Hieuph mentioned, the motion and light group features are the best method for light operation, in addition to toggles in the Ring app.

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