Floodlight sensing motion every minute

This is crazy!! A couple of days ago my floodlight started sensing motion every minute! I blamed it on the wind moving tree branches initially but that is not it. I have it linked to my Doorbell 2 and when I look at the video there is nothing there. Motion settings are set to Low but I’m still getting notifications every minute! See attached history screenshots.

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community @426Cuda! This should not be happening. I recommend first checking the area for anything that could be triggering this, or any heat sources that could have been picked up near by.

Having motion on the low setting is a great step! If this concern persists, the next best step would be to check distance/ signal strength to the Bridge to ensure for efficient communication of motions. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I turned it off for several hours and then turned it back on. It seems to be back to somewhat normal now. I noticed there is no way to remove all of those notifications from lights. I’m assuming they will eventually fall off with time.