Floodlight scheduling for lights on/off

Massively disapointed in Ring to miss such a basic feature set which would be really, I mean really simple to implement: floodlights on/off scheduling. We can schedule alerts but not the lights themselves. Why? :angry:

What I’d really want to see is a schedule for the floodlights to come on/off based on user-defined time of day, it is really annoying to see these light up automatically even daytime on a sunny day. Might as well add a dusk-dawn schedule option as well.

We have this for the backyard and we don’t want have this turn on/off every evening while having dinner or having a drink. We’re in the age of home automation, well Ring, automate! If Wink can figure it out (and ouch that product), you too can. We’re rooting for you.

I’d like to see this feature with the battery floodlights as well. I can schedule the pathway lights but not the floodlights? The intention was to use the floodlight as a accent light vs motion sensing security light.