Floodlight Issue

One of my Floolight Cams doesn’t want to keep to the lighting schedule I set up. I’ve had to reset the on/off times on several occasions this past month. The other Floodlight Cam is behaving nicely.

Would there be anything that could throw the schedule off ?

Good question @madman! If both Cams are setup and linked to the same location, that will factor out any time zone concerns. Please try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device to ensure the scheduling feature is working as intended.

With this feature working fine for one Cam versus the other, it’ll be best to compare signal strength on your Floodlight Cams, as wifi interference could certainly delay or impact operation efficiency. If this concern persists, I recommend reaching out to our support team for an in-depth look. :slight_smile:

Not being the tech person some of you are, if I remove the Ring APP from my phone, how simple a process is it to reinstall it. Also, once I reinstall it, will I need to reset up all of my devices ?

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You’ll be happy to hear the installation process is as easy as visiting the app store on your phone and searching “Ring Always Home”. Then simply tap install or “get”, depending on your mobile device type.

Conveniently enough, you will not have to setup or reconfigure anything as your devices will remain setup and configured on your account regardless of the app being removed. :slight_smile: