Floodlight Camera person detection light settings

Device Settings > Light Settings:
Motion-Activated Lights Turn on the lights when (Camera Name) detects motion at night.
Instead of being an On/Off this needs to be checkboxes of:

◯ On (Choose all that apply)
  ☐ Motion
  ☐ Person
  ☐ PIR 
◯ Off 

So for instance, if Person and PIR were checked the lights would come on any time that PIR motion was detected and/or a Person was detected (after dark).

The flood lights should turn on independently of camera alerts/recording. This would allow us to choose when the lights come on.

Our flood lights come on when any motion is sensed, rather than using the person detection to determine if the light should be activated for a legitimate reason. This would save a lot of electricity and preserve the life of the bulbs. Could an option be added for this?


This would be ideal, hopefully it is a fearlture whicj will become available on current! and next gen outdoor camera floodlights

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We only want the light to come on if a human is detected. There are so many animals mucking about, so the light comes on all the time.

Please add this feature!


This feature would be very helpful. Please add


Bump ! Do this please !

Cats, rabbits, squirrels, and birds set off the Ring lights even at lowest motion sensitivity setting. My yard looks like a disco club at night with the lights flashing on and off.

Please, please make this a feature. Cant have the light on as it is constantly sension motion and only want it to turn on when a person is detected.


Please add this feature.

I either need to replace my ring floodlight camera or my wife will divorce me because it’s constantly coming on because of insects flying around it most summer nights.

The notification settings to only be notified when there’s a person in the camera work perfectly. Why can’t this just be a setting to also determine if the light and recording comes on or not??


Upvoted! We desperately need this as insects constantly trigger the lights to come on. Super annoying.

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I completely agree with this, us end users should be given the ability to choose whether or not the light comes on from a “person” or any motion.

We need to give this more attention, please add this feature ring!!!

I just purchased and installed the Spotlight Cam Plus. I was looking the instructions of where to configure the light to be motion activated and couldn’t find anything besides an on and off switch. I would assume that a camera expensive like this would have that capability. I’m very disappointed after installing it that feature is not available. I don’t want to just leave my light on all the time and run my batteries out. It’s kind of crazy to me