Floodlight/Camera mounting plate not flush to junction box

I replied to a post yesterday that I was having the same issue as the person who opened the topic.
The screws holding the mounting brace were causing the mounting plate from sitting flush with the junction box. I took everything apart and apparently I was having a brain fart. When I attached the brace tot he recessed set of screw holds everything fit. Even though the plastic mounting plate does not fit as snug as I would like. It bends easily. I don’t think any rain will get in. I have only been doing electric for 40 years, What a bonehead move. Sorry for the bashing, but I still think the mounting system could be much better.


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Same problem with wired floodlight cam that the mounting plate didn’t fit tight when attached and left a gap at the top. I filled the gap with white outdoor silicone to prevent water from getting into the junction box. Design needs some work.

Hi neighbors! Thank you for sharing your feedback on the design of the mounting bracket. I’m glad to hear that you were both able to get the installation complete, and appreciate you sharing these installation tips and tricks as well. :slight_smile: