Floodlight Cam Wired Pro removal from Plug-In Mount

I have the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, which I originally installed with the Plug-In Mount for Cams. The screws with the anchors came out of my exterior wall. I want to replace them with better anchored screws, but in order to do this, I need to remove the wall mount plate from the Plug-In mount for Cams. I tried turning the mount in both directions, with the wall mount plate turning in the opposite direction, and I’m unable to separate the two. They need to be separated so I can install the new screws and anchors to mount to the house.

Please let me know if you have any idea about how I can separate the Plug-In Mount for Cams from the wall mount that it comes with.

Hi @user46489. In order to separate the two, you have to twist the plug-in mount counterclockwise, which will unlock the plug-in mount from the wall mount plate, and then you can pull it off straight outward. We do not have an official Ring video of how to do this, but I was able to go to YouTube and search “Plug-In Mount for Cams,” and you will find videos of other neighbors installing this mount. You will see that the way I described separating the two is the only way to do so. I hope this helps.

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