Floodlight Cam Recording Showing Lights Flashing in House That Aren't

I’ve got a strange one here…our garage floodlight cam aimed towards our back door went off 27 times last night. The strange thing is each recording was showing flashing lights inside the house…and there weren’t any lights actually flashing and I was standing in the back hallway. We’re assuming the infrared was picking up something, but cannot explain it. It has never happened before, and now 27 times from about 10pm to 5:20am. Any ideas? I tried uploading the file from the cam but it was too big, so I shortened it, and then it said it was the wrong file format. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @user54178. I can only speculate what the lights could be. There might have been something causing a reflection on the windows that appeared to be lights, but I cannot say for certain. I’d suggest reviewing the area the Floodlight Cam covers for any reflective surfaces or light sources that might have triggered the motion detection.

Hi Caitlyn! Is there any way I can upload one of the videos or get one to you? Seriously, it is actual light flashes coming from inside the house without any explanation other than something the infrared camera is picking up and we can’t see. I tried uploading twice without any luck, but would really like someone to take a look. Thanks so much for the quick response!

@user54178 All I could do is speculate as to what it might be, which would be only a guess. The Ring Community is more focused on basic troubleshooting assistance. I still would recommend reviewing the Floodlight Cam’s field of view for any light sources or reflective surfaces that could have flashed light on the back door or windows. If you feel there is something wrong with the Camera itself, you can perform a reboot using the reboot option on the Device Health page. For more in-depth troubleshooting help, it’s best to get in touch with our support team, as we do not have access to device details on the Community.