Floodlight Cam Pro- network options for a choice of 2gig or 5gig networks

I’d like to suggest a setting in the app to choose 2gig or 5gig networks for these cameras that are capable of 5gig.
Most of the newer dual band routers when installed, setup to NOT broadcast the SSID for both the 2 and 5 gig networks anymore. You only see one choice, so the devices decide which to connect to. It took me a couple days to realize that my low RSSI level warnings were because the floods were connecting to the 5gig network. Once I got them connected to the 2 gig network my RSSI warning cleared.
From my experience with these floods, they don’t work well on 5gig unless you can put an extender just inside the wall from them which means you need an extender for each flood. Not practical.