Floodlight Cam Pro Light Schedule Question

Just snagged the Prime deal for the Floodlight Pro and wondering if any current Floodlight Pro owners or Ring can answer my question.

If you create a dusk-dawn light schedule for the Floodlight Pro, can you set it so the lights remain dimmed while on. Then, if motion is detected (be it by the light sensor or camera) then the lights go to 100% brightness? Or, is this not an option on the Pro model either?

I have the Gen1 Floodlight. The dusk-dawn light schedule, if enabled, has the lights at 100% brightness all night. There’s no option that they remain dim, then go to full brightness upon detecting motion or anything like that. My wired Spotlight cam offers this though, where if I enable the light schedule the lights will remain on and dimmed until motion is detected. I assumed this was because there is no option to dim the lights on the gen 1 floodlight while there is with the spotlight cam.

Thanks in advance.