Floodlight Cam Pro andRing Floodlight Cam Pro not showing in Ring App on macOS

My new Ring Floodlight Cam Pro does not show up on the Ring app on macOS. I was told by support this is the case for all 2021 released products. When do you expect this to addressed? With many still working from home it would be an important feature as most are looking at their computer screen during work hours.

Hello, @CucamongaRed! Thank you for sharing your experience with us regarding the Ring Windows app. The reason you are not seeing your new Floodlight Camera Wired Pro in the Windows app is because it no longer receives device or feature updates, though they will continue to receive critical security and bug updates. We suggest using Ring.com to view your devices on a desktop computer. The team here is continuously working to add features to improve your Ring.com experience. Thank you for being a great neighbor, please let us know if you have any additional questions.

But the website doesn’t allow for live view. Is that not available? I’m within the return period and have 6 cameras going back if that won’t be a feature.

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Absolutely, completely useless. I wish I’d not bought my Ring cameras. There’s no way of accessing ‘live view’ on my Mac since the web browser doesn’t show live view and the Mac app isn’t compatible with Flood Light.

I wish I’d gone with Nest.