Floodlight Cam Porch Light Feature Request

I’ve seen versions of this buried in comments, I wanted to surface this feature request, as it seems pretty straightforward.

I’ve had “dumb” floodlights that have an option to come on at a reduced brightness level from dusk til dawn (or dusk + 2/4/6 hours), and come on full brightness when motion is detected.

Would like to see this feature added to the Ring Floodlights (can or no cam). This way the light comes on as a porch light as a nice layer of security , but then comes on at 100% when it detects motion and the camera then comes on.

Thank you

Spotlight cam, and Ring bulbs as well.

I agree, this would be a nice feature. The Solar Floodlight has this capability, in addition to being able to set the brightness of the lights.