Floodlight cam lights on/off no longer function with smartthings

Any update? Have been a advocate for Ring devices and services, but this removal of SmartThings integration functionality has caused the opposite. Ring please update your users on your commitment to restore this feature (or not) so we can make an informed decision.

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Adding my name to the list, this is indeed very frustrating. I had this setup as part of my security automation as we have a lot of break-ins lately in the neighborhood. Very frustrating to find my lights just stopped working without notification. This should be a simple fix for the Ring team to implement. I have $500 in Ring floodlight cams specifically for this integration with the rest of my security setup.

Here is a response I just got back from smartthings.
I had already reached out to ring customer service and was told to go to smartthings…

I don’t think this is going to be fixed, so, I’m just going to sell all my ring stuff and add more of my 24/7 hardwired cameras instead.
Only thing I’ll loose is the ability to talk over the camera, which I don’t use anyway.

Sorry to hear SmartThings has lost the ability to control your Ring camera’s lights. Rest assured that we’ve shared your feedback, and our teams are working with the folks at SmartThings to get it resolved. Feel free to look into alternative features within the Ring app or with Amazon Alexa for the time being.

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Telling people to look at other features is NOT a solution.

This is a big deal to lose functionality. I too will be looking for other options, luckily I am planning to sell my home in a couple of months and will just leave all the Ring products with the new buyer.

This is ridiculous. I bought three floodlight cameras so I could use automations to control the lights. It was so awesome when it worked. PLEASE bring this back.

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Wow, I just bought 3 of the floodlight PROs but if I can’t control them from a hard switch, it’s not a good setup. This is disappointing for sure.

Is there a way to get the Lutron Caseta switches to control the flood lights?

This is the reason I returned my 3 pro and sold the 2 original that I didn’t get a chance to install. I only have 1 original floodlight left I’m just waiting to trash as soon as another solution comes around. Ring doesn’t focus on customer needs or the issue they created.

It used to be a different company before Amazon took over.

This is totally unacceptable Ring. The main reason I bought ring over nest or others was the awesome smart things integration. This can’t be a super difficult thing to solve yet here we are almost a year later with no solution.

Please update your cloud API to allow smart things to turn on and off the light.

What’s the update here Ring. I understand changing APIs but you can’t lose functionality and then blame others for it.

This has been an ongoing issue for far to long now.
As a paying customer of Ring, I expect a response, either telling us you aren’t going to fix this and we can all move on, or you are actually planning to fix this.
It’s pretty obvious what the answer is, but again as I am paying for a service from ring, I expect an answer.

Still an issue, Ring. It would be nice to have a proper response vs the canned “we’ve passed the information on…”. Completely ridiculous we can’t use a button to turn the light on/off.

Coming up on a year now since this was reported. Any real updates?

I get the move from goovy to cloud based api was part of the issue but there has been enough time that the cloud version should be mature and ready to handle some feature upgrades.

Please bring this feature back!

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Brilliant, thank you sir!

See TavoX1’s solution…Essentially create switches for Alexa routines in Smartthings, like turning on a spotlight. Testing now, but sounds like it should work…I’ll post back with results.

Just installed a new pro and couldn’t believe this is an issue. No way to control the light from smartthings nor Alexa.

For a flood this expensive and no way to independently control there light aside from the ring app is absurd.

If no fix, retuning for sure. Find another brand.

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