Floodlight cam lights on/off no longer function with smartthings

Tom - From my interactions with SmartThings they informed me it was Ring that removed the functionality. Much like TavoX1 has said…

What is the point of having the lights if I can only turn them on by keeping my phone on me and opening in and out of the app to turn them out. Completely useless now

He @taylordhunt. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve shared this information with the appropriate team. If there is anything else I can assist you with in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask!

Really ■■■■■■ with this. Have been using this functionality, very annoying that it has been removed.

I’m also very disappointed. We invested in several floodlights in addition to the doorbell and now all of our extremely useful/essential automations are gone. May sell it all and move to google and other tech. Did ring remove this feature because Amazon now has a competing offering for automation? Not cool. Evil, in fact.

@Tom_Ring Has there been any update on the light control from alexa or smartthings? As others have mentioned and I have posted in another thread, the loss of functionality was caused when Ring upgraded the integrations.

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Any updates on this? This is clearly a loss of functionality and is really causing many users like myself to consider other options.

If we had a confirmation that yes this issue is being worked and we can expect to have that functionality restored I think most would be patient enough to wait for an update. Absent that sort of confirmation, it really pushes us towards alternative products.


@Ant_1 @RacerX7
Found a workaround for this problem. It requires a little bit of work but it solves the issue. I can control the lights again with my switch/voice!!
Follow this instructions:

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Hi, neighbors! We’re sorry to hear SmartThings has lost the ability to control your Ring camera’s lights; rest assured that our team is investigating to ensure there is nothing more that can be done from our side. At this time, it looks to be related to a change in the SmartThings device listings. Feel free to look into alternative features within the Ring app or with Amazon Alexa for the time being. If there’s anything else I can help with in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree with the comments in this thread, its very frustrating that Ring removed this integration. I was about to upgrade 3 Floodlight cams to the pro versions, but will be holding off until the switch integration to Smartthings is restored. Anyone have any alternative solutions?

I also agree. This is a big loss in functionality. A lot of my automations can no longer run. This should definitely get remedied. Thanks!

I had my floodlight set to turn on between dusk and dawn when I arrived home.
Now I’m arriving home at night in complete darkness.
I too would appreciate a fix for this, as it’s really annoying.
I have another camera system in place, so, might just be easier to ditch the floodlight and put a standard fixture in with a smart bulb.
Sucks, because I have another floodlight out back and a pro doorbell.

Between the loss of Smarthings/Alexa control of the floodlight light (which was a big reason I bought the product and hard-wired it in) and upcoming deprecation of the Mac desktop app, I’m wondering what Ring thinks it’s doing. Tech products are supposed to get better as software evolves, not worse.

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Going to add my name to the list. Found this community because the functionality that I enjoyed – controlling my Ring Floodlight Cameras through Smartthings Webcore – suddenly stopped working. I will absolutely find a new solution if this isn’t restored. It’s the number 1, 2 and 3 reason that I bought all three of my floodlight cameras.

Great way to lose a customer.


Any update on this? I used to have a routine to ensure my floodlight was on any time the garage door is open and now Ring has broken it. When will it be fixed? I can understand that SmartThings isn’t officially supported but Alexa is and that’s broken too.

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I’m also about to give up and ditch everything Ring (including the monthly security service). Please give us some good news. Now that the days are getting shorter we are really noticing the lack of the automations as we come and go. Can’t believe we spent so much on ring security, lights and cameras only to have the rug pulled out from under us.

Any update? Have been a advocate for Ring devices and services, but this removal of SmartThings integration functionality has caused the opposite. Ring please update your users on your commitment to restore this feature (or not) so we can make an informed decision.

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Adding my name to the list, this is indeed very frustrating. I had this setup as part of my security automation as we have a lot of break-ins lately in the neighborhood. Very frustrating to find my lights just stopped working without notification. This should be a simple fix for the Ring team to implement. I have $500 in Ring floodlight cams specifically for this integration with the rest of my security setup.

Here is a response I just got back from smartthings.
I had already reached out to ring customer service and was told to go to smartthings…

I don’t think this is going to be fixed, so, I’m just going to sell all my ring stuff and add more of my 24/7 hardwired cameras instead.
Only thing I’ll loose is the ability to talk over the camera, which I don’t use anyway.

Sorry to hear SmartThings has lost the ability to control your Ring camera’s lights. Rest assured that we’ve shared your feedback, and our teams are working with the folks at SmartThings to get it resolved. Feel free to look into alternative features within the Ring app or with Amazon Alexa for the time being.

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Telling people to look at other features is NOT a solution.