Floodlight cam lights on/off no longer function with smartthings

I have used a smart switch to control my lights by using smartthings (automation is when switch turns on, action = ring cam lights on; and when switch turns off, action = ring cam lights off). Worked great. The switch no longer controls the lights, and I see the action in smartthings is no longer lights on/off but rather “unknown action” - and the only available action for the cam in smartthings automations is “refresh”. Net is I no longer can control my outdoor lighting with the switches in my house. I replaced my existing outdoor floodlights a couple of years ago with Ring spotlight cams ONLY because there was at least one documented way to use a switch to turn on/off the lights (via smartthings, not Alexa as you would have expected) Now suddenly my entire back yard and my driveway are dark and the solution is that only the one person with a phone who can authenticate to my Ring account can dig into the app to turn on/off the lights? This means you can’t just hit the switch and walk out the door, the kids can’t turn on the lights, guests can’t turn on the lights… you get it. As useful lights, these are now simply no better than bricks and are about to be dumped (a great investment of hundreds of dollars thrown away). Can anybody tell me how I can turn on/off the lights using a switch now that some unknown Ring change has been made?

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I have a similar issue. Alexa no longer has access to the flood lights on the camera. Betting they removed it. If so, canceling the server ce and trashing the lights.

Hey neighbors. Ring does not officially support an integration with SmartThings and any integration that is currently in use would be maintained and updated by the SmartThings team. It’s for this reason that some features may not work if you chose to use this integration. I can certainly pass this feedback along to the appropriate team for you!

Hi Tom, not even Alexa sees the lights of the Floodlight camera now, the only way to control the lights is on the Ring app.
It has to be something with the Ring API, it’ll be a great coincidence if Alexa and Smartthings removed the functionality.

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This is Smartthings response:
“Regards to your concern as part of the transition to a new integration on the SmartThings side we had to move to a new offering from Ring. This new offering from Ring does not support the light control features.
We understand that this is a loss of functionality compared to the Groovy integration. As far as I know Ring is aware that this is a feature our users relied upon in SmartThings and would like to see the feature carried over into the new integration. We can continue to advocate on behalf of our users but are ultimately limited in what functionality the new integration supports.”

TL;DR: Ring updated the integration with loss of functionality

This is really a great inconvenience, one of the motives why I bought this camera was because I could use the lights with a switch (smartthings automation) but now it’s just a motion light that needs the Ring app to turn on or off if you need it to… Too expensive for this lack of functionality

Tom - From my interactions with SmartThings they informed me it was Ring that removed the functionality. Much like TavoX1 has said…

What is the point of having the lights if I can only turn them on by keeping my phone on me and opening in and out of the app to turn them out. Completely useless now

He @taylordhunt. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve shared this information with the appropriate team. If there is anything else I can assist you with in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask!

Really ■■■■■■ with this. Have been using this functionality, very annoying that it has been removed.