Floodlight cam light won't turn off

A friend of mine has the floodlight camera and we recently lost power due to Hurricane Zeta. He has since gotten power back, but not internet therefore he cannot turn off his floodlight. It’s been on for the last 2 days. Is there a manual override when something like this happens or does he have to wait until his internet is reconnected to turn it off? If he has to wait, I would suggest some type of manual override to turn off the light. Since we had a major hurricane, we have no idea when internet will be restored.

Hi @sgreen29. Glad that you are safe from the hurricane. With this being a hardwired device, the only way to disconnect it from power would be to shut it off at that circuit breaker. When your internet restores, you can flip the circuit breaker back on and reconnect the Floodlight.

Thank you Tom! Would I be able to suggest if there is another version of the floodlight cam to come out that there be some type of manual override on the cam outside of having to turn off the circuit breaker? I understand we have to turn that off, but that light is connected to other things and during the aftermath of hurricane, once you get lights, you want to keep them on! Just a suggestion. Thank you again for your response!