Floodlight Cam Feature Requests

I just installed my first floodlight and am very disappointed in the features that are missing:

  1. You can’t adjust the brightness or dim the lights

  2. You can’t disable the lights without turning the whole thing off

My use-case - I want to install it over my garage door but don’t need the floodlights turning on every time I go in or out of the garage. BUT I DO want the camera to be on at all times. E.g. parking my car in the garage at night, no need for lights to turn on but I would set them to turn on if motion is detected after 10pm. Ring gives you the option to turn the lights ON for a scheduled time but not OFF. Really???

Then to a lesser degree, another problem - they’re LED lights with a fancy app and you can’t adjust the brightness? I can understand not adjusting the color but the brightness is common in almost every LED light in the world. Even my cheapest LED light can do this! I thought “ok maybe I can’t turn them off but at least I can dim them.” I was wrong! How do we get a feature request put in or see if one exists already?

All the answers for these problems I can find are for different situations or refer to motion zones for the camera which DON’T APPLY TO THE LIGHT! Which is another thing I was surprised by, but it’s understandable due to the technology. The other issues have no excuse.


Your second problem has been my biggest complaint. I’ve called the helpline and written an email to help@ring.com.

Agree with you that for the price and touted abilities of this product, the ability to control the light regardless of motion and video recording I would have thought would have been a given.

I bought 2 cameras inside house. 1 just stopped working. It blinks a blue light every 30 seconds. I unplugged it for 30 minutes and tried holding down button for 30 sec and nothing. No sound from camera.

I agree with option 2 as well. I need an easy way to control the lights on the floodlight cam. I’d be happiest with a snooze feature to prevent the lights coming on for a period of time. I have a camera near my hot tub and don’t want the lights coming on while I’m bathing.

I would like a kit to convert my Ring Spotlight to an under eave soffit mount, rather than wall mount. My house has outlet boxes in the soffits, not on the side of the house.

I too would love a feature that would disable the motion sensing for lights on all floodlight cameras. When I have parties, having the security lights constantly come on and go off kills the mood of the other ambient lighting I have around our home. If I had one or two floodlights, it would not be a big deal to go and manually adjust the motion sensing for the lights, but I have six floodlights and plans for at least one more. I would love a “party” mode that keeps the lights turned on/off.

I would also like to add that having no manual control over when the lights come on/go off makes integrating floodlights with home automation systems such as Home Assistant (HA) frustrating. I have written my own automations that link some of my other smart home gear up with Ring lighting, but I have had to disable many of them because the motion sensor for the lights in the floodlight sometimes conflicts with my automations in HA. In one instance, I wanted to turn the lights off (for a party) and the motion sensor wanted them on. What I ended up with is a stobe light effect with my automation turning the light off and the motion sensor turning it back on again. That repeated until I disabled my automation.

Still hoping that a “snooze” or “party” mode that would allow the user to manually disable the lights for a user-determined amount of time.