Floodlight cam bracket - old vs. new. Please bring back the old bracket

I just had to replace a defective floodlight cam (1st gen. from 2018) which had a large round metal bracket with two posts. It installed flat and the gasket made a waterproof seal (mounted on a block that is made to provide a flat surface on siding). The new floodlight cam wired plus that was sent to replace it has a metal bar and when using the mounting screws provided, will not allow the plastic mounting bracket (yes, plastic) to sit flat on the same block. The large gap left by this new setup was difficult to seal with silicone as the gap is actually very large. Please bring back the metal mounting brackets. I am not sure if this was a cost savings but it is such a noticeable difference.



In 2021 when I was sent the new floodlight cam plus to replace a first gen floodlight, I was extremely disappointed and shocked that I could not simply mount it on the existing metal bracket. Why would Ring not make mounting backwards compatible?! It seems like it would have been easy to make sure that the new floodlight cams can mount the same way. Many of us will need to replace our existing floodlight cams, so it just makes sense to keep the mounting posts in the same position. And the new plastic mount will not hold up in extreme temperatures. I could tell just by looking at it that it was going to be bad fit and didn’t want to deal with several trips to the hardware store trying to make it work.

Furthermore, the new lights are also all plastic and cannot be adjusted and screwed in like the original lights. The “Plus” and “Pro” are downgrades in terms of durability and design.

I think I posted about it a few times, and gave Ring Customer Support my feedback a few times…

I sent back the Plus and got a “refurbished” (looked new) gen 1 floodlight. I dread having to deal with replacing our gen 1 floodlights, which were well designed (after the initial internal components were fixed/improved and when they didn’t have crazy firmware issues…).

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I just received two floodlights. I am adding to my camera. The bracket and mounting is horrible. My electrician could not believe how poor it is. The entire camera is mounted to the PLASTIC plate with one screw. I have older floodlights and they have a standard mount that a $30 light will have. This is a non standard, dangerous mounting configuration.

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@IT1 @user38412

I posted this on the feature request board. So, please vote for it if you still want this. Thanks!

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This bracket is just horribly -dangerously - designed. I’m having the same gap problem on a 4” round junction box. The screws stand proud of every j-box I’ve tried, and the plastic bracket bows to exacerbate the gap. You know the designers have surrendered when they put a “drain gap” at the bottom of the mount.

I’ve been reading through all of the community posts and customer service kicks the can down the road on every one. Silicon, j-box modification, and “I’ll forward your comments to the team” aren’t the right answer.

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