Floodlight Battery not showing to be shared with another user, possible bug?

Hi There! I’ve setup a Ring Bridge and a Ring Floodlight Battery and I’m running into some issues sharing this with another user. I will note these are the only two Ring products added to this account.

When I get to the invite user tab I am unable to send the invite because the devices added to the account do not show up on the page to the “send invite” button is grayed out. I called Ring Account Support because I thought it could be an account issue but still have the same issue after:

Signing out and back in.
Clearing cache/data and signing back in.
Clearing cache/data, uninstalling and then signing back in.

How can I share the Floodlight battery with another user?

Hi @raejair. This question has been answered in this Community post here. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! Thanks, neighbor! :slightly_smiling_face: