Floodlight Battery Needs Battery conserving to bedefault setting

i preordered the battery operated flood light based on the strength of Ring’s other products, and while I’m generally satisfied with their doorbell and spotlight cams the battery flood light leaves much to be desired. I’m disappointed that at this price point, a battery conserving setting isn’t default. In order to adjust the setting you have to buy the $50 bridge to tell it to not operate during the day. A quick google search of other brands I should have purchased have listed the night-time only setting as standard and ranged in price from $30-$60. Not sure if they rushed this product to market since it’s release was delayed several months but I hope they will change this on future models. It seems Ring purposely designs their products to be lacking, in order to make you buy more pieces to get them to function as you’d expect.

We will certainly share these details with the team so they can consider the value in default battery conservation features for neighbors without the Smart Lighting Bridge. Glad to see you are enjoying everything else, and thank you very much for sharing your experience with the Community :slight_smile: