Flood light sensitivity

Is there a way to change the sensitivity with the flood cameras other than the app? I have it on the lowest setting and it goes off from just the wind. I have over 60 motion detected today over a 6 hour span just from wind. I’m thinking I may need to return this device if there is no way around this. It’s really annoying how much my phone goes off.

Yikes, really no way other than the app. And clearing away things that might move in the field of view of camera, although you can’t move bushes and trees…

Have you tried drawing motion zones to try and carve out bushes, trees, etc?

Also maybe take a broom or something and make sure that there are no cob webs etc. flying in front pf camera.

Also, try smart detection and just have it notify on Person only. I have it set to record both People and Other but only notify on Person detection. Then I’ll review and delete as needed.

I find that adjusting the motion sensitivity does reduce (but not eliminate) extraneous detection. When it’s windy and stormy, I may just turn off motion and light detection for my own sanity and so as not to wear out the lights.