Flood Light! It’s 15 Ft up to press the button!

My FLOOD LIGHT AND CAMERA, have yet again gone off line! Idk about you all our there, But this is placed 15ft under my eves on my barn. I have no way to get up there to press the damned button to get it back on line! Who the heck wants to do that anyway? I’ve done all the recommended easy stuff. This is maddening! I hired someone to install it so does this mean I have to hire someone to go up the ladder to push the button? Seems ridiculous to me. WHY CANT THIS BE EASIER? Especially considering where it would be placed in most cases. I’m ready to pull my hair out! Thanks RING!

Hopefully when you had it installed you included a power switch at “human” level so you can turn it off. Do that, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on.

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