Flickering light, Smart spotlight wireless

My ring smart spotlight flickers. I have even spoke to ring about it and they sent me a new one. It also flickers. Could it be my ring bridge that is causing it? I mean it’s a very simple light, when motion is detected it should turn on and stay on rather than flicker. It baffles me why it’s doing it. I have detected the light from the bridge and re synced them a few times. Same issue

Hi there, @Jerseybandit! A Smart Light should not flicker when activated by motion, especially a battery powered model. Do you have other Smart Lighting devices that are connected to this Bridge without flickering? If so, then it is unlikely that the Bridge is the culprit, however, considering the signal path between the Bridge and the Smart Light in question is a great step.

I recommend ensuring the batteries are securely seated in the Smart Light and the battery compartment cover is closed. Although it should not be a factor, check for any appliances or electronics around your Smart Light, or between it and the Bridge, to rule out any signal interference possibilities. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The bridge is by the TV with alot of other electronics. I will try to move to somewhere else. Maybe that would help fix the issue. The smart light is the only light synced to the bridge. I will give that a try tomorrow morning. Thank you!

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Is the light only flickering in the location you have it mounted, or does it continue to flicker if you bring it inside your house, for example?

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It flickers no matter where it is. I’m gonna delete if from the app and bridge and see if it still flickers when not synced to the bridge. If it stops than it’s the bridge causing the issue

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I have 2 Floodlight Batteries, and 2 Spotlight batteries (purchased in late 2019) - they all flicker (especially during winter).

I bought a new Spotlight Battery (late 2020) and it does ZERO flickering whenever active.

While I AM happy to see the new unit working perfectly - it does look weird paired with the older units (which operate more like strobe lights at a club).

I can only assume the older units were made of crappier materials in their construction.