Flashing white light then blue then no light

Ring Video Doorbell Pro… My issue seems to be a common thing on this community forum… the setup does not progress past the “what is the light on your Ring Doorbell doing.” The options are “spinning white”, “flashing blue” or “nothing.” My doorbell is doing none of these. It spins once, and then flashes white, then the light goes out.

Ring’s response in these threads is to contact tech support. Tech support has nothing to offer beyond the setup instructions and a hard reset. The issue persists… for me, its after 6 attempts at resetting.

If this problem is as prevalent as it seems, why is there no answer? Do I return the device and try again, or it this a design flaw that will eventually come up in any of these doorbells?

Hi @user69890. Have you checked that your Doorbell Pro is receiving sufficient power? Insufficient power would prevent you from successfully completing the setup process. We have a hardwiring checklist here. After verifying the power, we have troubleshooting steps for setup failures here as well.

My doorbell receives 19.5 VAC as measured with a multimeter. The technical spec says 16-24 VAC is required. Is that sufficient to rule out power as the source of the issue?

adding to this… the power at the doorbell is 19.5 VAC and 0.93 AMPS. This converts to 18 VA. The technical specs for the doorbell are 16-24 V AC and 40 VA Max. So this is not a power problem, right?

more to add… I found the transformer and measured the voltage there as well. It’s also 19.5 VAC, the same reading as at the outdoor wiring. At this point I’m convinced I have a bad device… but I’d be happy to hear from the experts at Ring before I return the doorbell to Amazon. Is 19.5 VAC sufficient to power a video doorbell pro? Does the flashing white light (not a partial light, and not spinning) indicate a defective unit?

Ring tech support seems isn’t helping. For the humans on this page… if my ring is getting 19.5 VAC at 19 VA (specs are 16-24 VAC and 40 VA max)… should I return the doorbell and try another one? upgrade the transformer? Or, give up on Ring altogether?

Hi @user69890. I would suggest upgrading your transformer. With the doorbell getting 18VA, this is slightly underpowered. A transformer with 30VA is recommended.