Flashing or strobing light system for hearing impaired


My parents are Deaf and we have the Ring doorbell 2 set up! It’s great and linked to their phones but would be great if there was something for our Hearing impaired users. Something that would be linemen up to the house lights where they could flash when someone rings the bell.

We had a system like this before with our old doorbell with flashing beacons in every room but since ring has been installed we don’t have that anymore as we took away the old doorbell.

It would be great if someone could come up with an idea for our hearing impaired compadres.

Hi. I set this up for myself bridging Alwxaand Hue Lights through the IFTTT app. Once my doorbell rings Alexa sounds a notification and turns my lights on and off.

My thoughts. Ring fully integrated z-wave alert and emergency lighting device using LED strip lights. The device could be deployed in each home/business zone (I.e. living room, dining room, basement, etc.) where if a sensor is tripped, the LED lights turn on (or flash) in that zone with a specific color like RED to provide a visual indication (could be useful to someone who’s hearing impaired) of where the sensor was tripped. In addition, these strip lights could have battery backup and detect when primary power drops and automatically turn on (white color or other) as emergency lighting. Can be manually controlled from the app as maybe “mood lighting” or even incorporate a schedule within the app to control the light timing if emergency lighting turns on, but not needed at moment. I don’t think there’s anything currently available that goes to that level of incorporation with the Ring app. Also, you could have of these devices in let’s say the master bedroom as a silent/visual alert by flashing some annoying color when alarm sensor is triggered . I’d buy a few of those:)

I had a similar idea about emergency lighting, but mainly for business systems (typical battery backed emergency lighting) and use it as a way to include a floodlight cam that continues recording when the main power is out, if the network is still up, or using a buffer. In many businesses, just because the power is out doesn’t mean the computers and network are down as well. Ours are powered by backup systems and keep on trucking when the electricity is out.

By integrating a flood light cam into an emergency lighting system, you kill two birds with one stone. Of course, the camera should be available for use at all times, not just when the power is out and the lighting too, in the case of motion detection in darkness, fully customizable though. These lighting systems are usually placed in high-traffic areas inside the building, which are also ideal locations for cameras, two birds, one stone.

It was fairly common for traditional alarm systems to have an external visual indicator that an alarm had been tripped to assist authorities in quickly locating the source from their vehicles where they might not be able to hear (especially if their sirens are also sounding).

I was very surprised the find out that the connected device option for my wired floodlight (probably the first Ring device I ever purchased, btw) only has the option to begin recording. Honestly, with the placement of the floodlight in my driveway, recording after an alarm is tripped is mostly pointless unless a burglar is dumb enough to park in my driveway.

This feature is probably even more important in multi-family properties like 2-4-plexes.

This feature should go hand-in-hand with several other feature requests related to Ring devices with speakers also acting as alarm sounders. Anything to help authorities more quickly locate an alarming property is of paramount importance, especially if/when a panic or medical alert button is pressed.

And ideally, this ability would include 3rd party devices that can be controlled by Echo devices, like my Hue light system, where all internal lights could begin flashing red, or all lights turn on full-bright and pulsate or something.

Ring video doorbell 2

Yes! We need this!! I would buy a whole Ring alarm system just for the panic button to set off the sirens on my outdoor cameras.

Why does Ring not respond to this question? I believe I have seen this question before, and it kind of seem like Ring doesn’t respond or give any kind of an answer. This is essentially the only question I have… “How do I make smart lights in my house blink on/off when my Ring alarm is triggered”? I was disappointed to find out that it is apparently not possible to do this with the Ring alarm. On the Ring website they actually sell smart switches and outlets that “work with Ring alarm”, but they don’t tell you if you can set them up to toggle on/off when your Ring alarm system is triggered. More disappointment. I would just like an answer… “yes you can do this”, or " no, this is not possible and Ring doesn’t plan on adding it".

Toggle smart lights on/off when Ring alarm is triggered. I assume this topic has been brought up before. Will this feature ever be added?

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Still no news about that ? Trying to do the same.

Same here, we should have the ability to activate lights and smart plugs like Meross when Ring Alarm is sounded.

Hello, this is Sneakernet and I’m deaf. There’s some missing options that I’m unable to select in IFTTT app. Recently our Sonic Alert doorbell with strobe lights died. So I decided to move forward to use Phillips Hue which is currently connected to Nest Protect (Smoke alarm). I also have Spotlight and Floodlight cams. I did little bit of research to see if this Ring Wired doorbell will work with Phillips Hue, indeed it does. So I purchase Ring Wired Doorbell and I hooked all up beautiful. Next thing is to set up IFTTT to connect between Ring and Phillips Hue. To my dismay and frustration of being deaf. There’s no options to select only to push the doorbell button to give off Phillips Hues flashing lights. I do not want the motion detection to give off the flashing light! People can go in and out of the door giving false flashing light that someone is at the door. So I appreciated to have someone to create API to have options to select which door bell to be active and only use “push doorbell button” trigger the flashing lights. Not Motion puleeassse. Here’s the picture below:


My existing DSC Alarm has a feture that cause a strobe light to flash that is installed under an eve on the front of my house - This can help police and EMTs locate the house quickly. Would be nice of the Ring Alarm could have a silimar feature or triger the existing strobe light.

I agree. It would be nice if the spotlight camera could strobe, for this purpose.

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Strobe feature would be nice. I would like to see a strobe Spotlight.

Yes, this would be great, it helps to draw attention to the property and scare off any would-be intruders. A strobing light is much more noticeable than just a light being on.

I just checked with support and they don’t have flashing alarm components for the deaf. Progressively losing my hearing, and set off my alarm without knowing letting the dog out, didn’t have my phone in my pocket and didn’t get a notification anyway. I live in a 900 sqft apartment and the keypad was in the same room. It’s kind of terrifying to think that if I’m home alone I could just not know if my alarm is being set off. Support actually said I’d get a phone call if it was serious. If I’m not awake and glued to my phone, I wouldn’t know if my phone is going off, let alone be able to hear the call. My alarm clock flashes, my fire alarm flashes, my echo has captions… why doesn’t ring have an accessible flashing alarm?

I use Alex to control my Hue lights for the Ring doorbell. It would be great if it would extend to the Ring Alarm. Something like IFTTT would be awesome for deaf and hard of hearing community without putting all responsibilities on Ring.