Fix Geofence and add more app features

I used Nest indoor cameras the last 5yrs but recently switched Ring. Ring has better cameras but Nest has better app features, the main being the geofence home/away feature. In Ring the geofence detects our phones location and sends a reminder for us to manually change our mode which is dumb. I dont want you to remind me to do it, i want you to do it for me. Since you can automatically detect my phones location why cant you just automatically change the mode for me? You could even give people the choice of reminders if they wanna manually change modes themselves or for people like me we can choose the automatic option and it switches modes for us. Nest’s home/away feature is automatic, i never had to think about it as i came and went, it just automatically changed my mode as it detected my phone.

Also i dont like that the video feed on the dashboard is delayed rather than live feed. The Nest app dashboard had a live feed of my cameras. I wish the Ring app had that too. That way i could view live feed without recording. Now, if i tap on a video feed to view live it automatically starts recording and there are times i want to see the live feed without recording. Give us the choice of choosing between delayed snapshots or live feed on the dashboard.

Also, please add a calendar to the Event History tab. I cant even think of a logical reason for why the Event HISTORY does not include a calendar but yet it does have a calendar in the live feed screen, that doesnt even make sense. Plus the calendar is difficult to navigate to. I should be able to open the app, tap History, and tap a little calendar in the corner and navigate to the day i want to view.