Fitting Ring Video Doorbell Pro

I’m installing a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and I have a question about the height of the doorbell button.
The height above ground needs to be 120cm, however, my front door is down a slope and then some steps, so the horizontal line from the doorbell hits the street at ground level.
The fitting advice talks about doors which are up some steps, but not about doors which are down a slope/steps.

Do I need to raise the button/camera a bit (120cm seems low anyway) or does it need a wedge kit?

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community, @charlieannear! This view is indeed not pictured in the article you shared, and is an interesting mounting scenario. If using a wedge kit, I recommend using it to angle the device upwards, rather than downwards, as that would be the best bet for catching approaching visitors as they descend the slop/ stairs. Raising the mounting height of the Doorbell, as you stated, will likely be the best solution, but will require some trial and error with motion settings for optimal detection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: