Fitbit notifications

Would love to get motion notifications on my Fitbit versa 2 watch since my phone isn’t on me 24/7.


I’m having the same problem. Another user told me to reset the ring app to version 3.17 or before. I shouldn’t have to do that. Just want the ring notifications to work again on my Fitbit

I see many threads on this issue in forums. There are workarounds for Versa but I have Inspire HR, the peasant model. Still, same problem. Fitbit, care to respond?

I had the blaze before and loved it. Highly dissappointed with the Versa 2. No ring motion or doorbell notifications. Occsasinally will get a neighborhood alert. Have tried everything to get them with no luck. It also contactly disconnects and is “Looking for device”

Please fix!

Same problem with Charge 3

It would seem a profitable if not customer-centric move for both companies. As it is Ring is actually encouraging customers to use Alexa as an extra alert. Apparently you can chose one option only: Alexa or Ring app, not both nor Chime. Tried to use IFTT but Ring and Fitbit do not speak to one another anymore. I’m beginning to see that this product line is going nowhere and will simply add more cheap crap for sale without bothering to upgrade, merge, cooperate with other companies to enhance customer appeal. Once it’s sold and out the door good luck, suckers.