Firmware update history / notification

Currently all Ring products say “up to date” under Firmware. That may well be, but it is has been an industry standard for a long time to display current version, and a version history online that details what was fixed when. At a bare minimum it should notify us when an update has been installed.


I’d also like info on current firmware version installed and a change log.

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Can someone help me figure out why my phone is not shining or making any noise not even when someone comes around or even when they come to the door it’s just not making any noise anymore. Please help

Agree, please give actual version not just “up to date”

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I would like to have rcs back on our ring devices. It is nice to have a quick view of the notification from our watches. In order to make a decision if we are at work to answer the notification or not.

I’ve already voted on this but want to bring it back to Ring Support attention.

Whenever I delete/reinstall the Ring app on my Android device, particularly when attempting to resolve some User issue, I go exclusively to Google Play Store. For those who have iOS devices, you probably do the same with Apple Play Store. Here’s what I would like to see in the way of software updates:

  1. App Updates (what was updated in current version): Whenever downloading any regularly-used app, I generally scroll down to the bottom of the app page to see what was updated in the current version. Most often I see “Bug Fixes”; sometimes I see more-specific “fixes” described. Such feedback provides some degree of User confidence that concerns/issues are being addressed. For the Ring app, I am not seeing this in Google Play Store. I would like to see this added disclosure in the Play Store description(s) of app updates – particularly since I am not seeing such disclosures offered by the various Ring Moderators in the various discussion threads. Lack of this basic degree of transparency is apparent in User frustration voiced in some of the discussion threads (not necessarily to the fault of the Ring Moderators). Please don’t get me wrong, as I am very appreciative of any constructive input on User issues, but I am just longing for a little more “transparency” from the Ring folks. I am also very appreciative of this Ring Community discussion platform as I have gained much understanding from it.

  2. Firmware Updates: It appears that some User issues arise as a result of firmware updates. I don’t regularly check for firmware updates since I assume that my various Ring devices are always operating as they should. Push notifications of firmware updates for the various devices would be highly desired so that I can readily self-check my devices – call it User assurance.

I apologize if my items have already been addressed in previous discussion threads. Should this be the case, please direct me to the specific/earlier discussion thread(s) – much appreciated!

Ring Video Pro Doorbell: Please make the Firmware updates during Night, or past midnight, when nobody uses Internet connection. During day everyone wants Internet gigabytes.

Or make optional schedule for customer !

I have the StickUp battery camera. The firmware “Up to Date” status is utterly useless. Should be changed to a specific code tied to installed firmware.


Ring’s current strategy involving “secret” automatic firmware updates causes users to spend far too much time, effort, and stress troubleshooting problems that were caused by firmware updates they have no knowledge of.

In an effort to attempt to mitigate these problems, advanced users should be allowed to have more control over the installation of firmware updates. An “Advanced” button should be added to the Ring app (and allowing users to (optionally):

  • Turn off automatic firmware updates
  • Check for updates
  • View a summary of important changes in each firmware update
  • List an installation date and firmware version number for each device

Users who have turned off automatic firmware updates could be notified of available updates by a small colored dot on the menu icon. If this method is used, users should be provided with an easy method for turning off the colored dot.

I agree, but at the very least there should be a change log available. Basic 101 stuff, Ring…

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I don’t know what changed here at the end of Aug 2022 but my lights come on at night and just stay on ALL NIGHT LONG. Time outs don’t work, schedules don’t work, direct commands don’t control the lights are just ignored.

I’m running three Floodlight Cam Pros and all of them just started this behavior and the only way to get the floods off is to pull the power. Hell of a bug and with no change log or even knowing when the updates last came down it makes troubleshooting just misery.

v10.0.23 is what’s running on all of them now. How long has it been there? Who knows? A change log and an update log for the device would be VERY WELCOME.

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mwmcclure -

As you may have noticed, there are now a number of Ring Community threads that contain posts related to various types of Ring Floodlight light problems.

Have you, by any chance, seen the thread titled “1st gen floodlight camera shuts off before schedule”? (At this point, it may be the thread with the largest number of posts regarding Ring Floodlight light problems.)

Since in may be helpful to have as many posts relating to a topic as possible in a single thread, have you considered:

  • Moving your post to the above-mentioned one and/or
  • Adding a post of your own to the above-mentioned thread