Firmware update history / notification

Currently all Ring products say “up to date” under Firmware. That may well be, but it is has been an industry standard for a long time to display current version, and a version history online that details what was fixed when. At a bare minimum it should notify us when an update has been installed.


I’d also like info on current firmware version installed and a change log.

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Can someone help me figure out why my phone is not shining or making any noise not even when someone comes around or even when they come to the door it’s just not making any noise anymore. Please help

Agree, please give actual version not just “up to date”

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I would like to have rcs back on our ring devices. It is nice to have a quick view of the notification from our watches. In order to make a decision if we are at work to answer the notification or not.

I’ve already voted on this but want to bring it back to Ring Support attention.