Fire tv not displaying live view

Fire TV will display camera snapshot or whatever it is but it is not live the microphone in sound are live but video is not i have 4 cameras only the one inside will work with live view the other 3 do not it must be a setting but i cannot figure out how to make it work but i know it can work because 1 camera does

Hi @user54612. I would recommend disabling and reenabling the Ring skill to see if it helps. This Help Center article will give you the steps on how to do so. If you have tried this step and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call to look into this further.

Did this work?

I have the exact issue on my firetv.

Works great on the fire sticks i have but not on the firetv.
I have a ring floodlight cam that will only show a snapshot, no live video although audio is working.
My ring doorbell works fine video and audio on this tv.

Please note, this is only on the one tv, all my other tv’s have a fire stick and everything works fine on those.