Figure out a way to work with VPNs!

Up until a recent update, we were able to access our Ring products through the iPhone and iPad apps as well as the website. What changed? Suddenly, and without warning, you no longer support VPNs. What happened? It is a MAJOR PROBLEM for us to have to disable our VPN just in order to check our cameras. First, it’s an additional, time-consuming step. Second, It’s a hassle - one that we never had to deal with before. Third, it represents a serious breach of our security. The LAST thing I want to have to do is to let down my VPN defenses to check my cameras, either from within my home or outside it. That is brain-dead stupid design. There MUST be a way you can specify a tunnel to get into the cameras without requiring VPNs to be disabled. It worked just fine before. It needs to work again.