Fermax Duox 2 wires digital intercoms compatibility

Hey there, my intercom has been updated to a new model, the phone is a Fermax 3444, and it uses 2 wires only. Apparently this is not compatible with the Ring Intercom as today. Does Ring have any plans to add compatibility to the 2 wires Duox Fermax standard? Thanks

As everyone can see, ZERO customer support from Ring, once you pay, they don’t care about you at all.

Hi @JavierEsRick, welcome to the Ring Community!
Your Intercom Fermax 3444 is currently not compatible with the Ring Intercom system. Our team of engineers continues to test and validate new models daily. We therefore recommend that you monitor our compatibility checker tool on Ring Intercom Compatibility Checker as this status may change. Thank you for your question.

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