Features? ??

I am a SF and I live alone. At night I try to remember to set my alarm to Home but I don’t always remember for one reason or another. I’d like to know if there are features that either:

  1. Allows me to program the system to automatically arm to Home at a specific time each night; unless the system is already set for away, in which case it does nothing and doesn’t bypass the existing status.

  2. My base station is located in a remote part of my house. I have two keypads and neither is near the base station; I can’t see if the system is armed unless I make a deliberate effort to go to that part of the house.

Is there a feature that will light up the inner circle of the keypad to red (the part that lights up when it’s armed for Away)? Being able to know at a glance based on a light or no light reminds me to arm the alarm before bed. Also, I think it’s a great deterrent for anyone to not only see that I have an alarm system but to see a red light shows that it is armed. Is it a battery life issue to have a light on in this manner?

My previous alarm system had both of these features; which was the only good thing about it - that is why I switched to Ring. I like the Ring much better. However, it would be great if Ring had one or both of these features as well.