Feature Update: Schedule your Ring Alarm to Arm and Disarm Automatically

Can this feature be made to NOT override manual Away arming in some intuitive way?

It is a right PITA to have to remember to disable the Mode Schedules when going away.

Why hasn’t this become available yet!!! It is now middle of 2022 and this feature (supposedly) was written up in early 2021? Why is there still documentation on the Ring website that says how to enable this mode when it is not even available in the App?! No software company does this sort of “release” plan and says features are in the software when they are not … oh, opps Ring does, by the looks of it. This is a really important safety feature that should be in the product so you can set monitoring automatically at night (if you changed mode in day) without forgetting. Set and forget! So Ring, please bring this feature to us ASAP!

Hi @ringbell. What region are you located in and what version of the Ring app do you have installed on your phone? Do you have a Ring Alarm system? This feature should be rolled out to all users.

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Tom - Instead of repeatedly asking people if they have a Ring Alarm system, could someone PLEASE update the help file to explain clearly that this does not work for video cameras?

Your support document is not sufficient. Modes are supported by all devices. Mode switching is supported by all devices. But mysteriously, scheduled mode switching is only available if you buy the Ring Alarm hardware.

That is not obvious, and if you want to block this software feature behind a hardware purchase, that’s your choice. You should at least update your help files.

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Hi @DaveA123. The article you shared, “How to Arm and Disarm Ring Alarm with Mode Schedules”, is specifically for the Ring Alarm system. Yes, other devices like Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras can also have Modes, but articles that pertain to those devices will specifically call out Modes for Cameras. This Help Center article here will give you more information about Modes for Cameras, with specific information about the Ring Alarm Modes as well. I hope this helps clear things up for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, I’m headed to a six week vacation. My backyard has an automated sprinkler in three zones that come on individually from 0700-0745 four days a week. I can set my floodlight cam so I’m not notified of motion detection for those day/time period, but all these detections are being recorded and stored? If the “Ring Alarm System” has the on-off schedule capability, why doesn’t the floodlight system have that capability?

We have this too - and have been out a couple of times to find that the AWAY we’d set had been changed to HOME.

Even worse, we were away for a few days and came back to find the AWAY had been switched to DISARMED.

There need to be rules so that you can only over-ride the schedules without switching off if needed. (E.g. if AWAY then only a manual change will switch it off - that makes sense anyway as most people only use HOME when they are HOME and that can be automatic. AWAY is more important and should only be changable manually).

I’m new to this system and have a simple question. I have my system set for automatic schedule. If we have an accidental trigger event during the time when it is armed and we disarm it to prevent the siren, do we need to reset the schedule or does it automatically do this. Thank you.

Hi @user22576. You will have to manually arm the Ring Alarm system again after disarming it. When you have a Mode Schedule set to arm the system in Away or Home at a certain time, it will not re-arm the system after that time has passed.

I currently have a few Ring cameras and based on the above i can see that mode scheduling is not available with my cameras. I can also see that mode scheduling is available with a Ring alarm system. My question is: if i were to buy a Ring Alarm system would the mode scheduling feature be unlocked on my existing cameras/doorbell by virtue of having them linked to the alarm system? Thanks

Hi @stonehound. Yes, as long as there are Mode settings in place with the Ring Cameras, they would adhere to the Mode Schedule that is in place with a Ring Alarm system on the account. Other neighbors have requested a Mode Schedules option for Doorbells and Cameras without a Ring Alarm, you can find the request below.

You can vote on the request and add a comment. We use the Feature Request board as a way to gather and share your feedback and suggestions with our teams here.

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When will this feature be available for ring cameras and doorbells? The “feature request board” noted by @Riley_Ring regarding this has had ZERO feedback from any part of Ring company. It is an easy feature to implement, which is clearly desired by customers. Many other security companies offer this. Why does Ring have apparently little to no interest in providing a quite basic feature to your PAYING, subscribing customers?

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This is a basic feature and should be available to regular subscribers.


When I activate the modus at home from 11 pm till 7 am the alarm will also disarm at 7 am when I have activated the away modus. The at home modus should be overruled when the alarm is activated.

Regards, Alex

Same problem and the helpdesk didn’t have a solution!

Hey neighbors. If you have A Mode Schedule in place to disarm the Ring Alarm at 7 AM every day, the Alarm will disarm at 7 AM every day, regardless of if it’s in Home or Away Mode prior to that. You can set multiple Mode Schedules if needed, or you can toggle a Schedule off if you have a different plan than usual on a particular day.

I’ve read this, and read the linked Ring Help Center article. The problem is, I don’t have a “Mode Schedules” option in my app, or via the web portal either.

Hi @userchadly. If you are not seeing the Mode Schedule option in your Ring app, verify that your Ring app and phone are up-to-date with the latest updates available and that you have a Ring Alarm System. You will not be able to use Mode Schedules if you only have Cameras and Doorbells.

Hi, New to the community. I purchased the Ring indoor cam and currently 7 days left on trial. I was looking for the Mode Scheduling feature on my Ring app but not there. So, if I’m reading the thread correctly, I must have installed the Ring Alarm System in order to access that Mode Schedule featuer, CORRECT ? If that the case, what would be the minimum Alarm System I could buy to have that feature? In shopping the Ring store, I do see Alarm Security Kit - 5 Piece. includes * Base Station

  • Keypad, * Contact Sensor, * Motion Detector,* Range Extender… Will installing that bundle unlock the Mode Schedule feature? Next Question… If I just purchased the Base station, would that unlock the feature? Eventually, I do plan to add more cameras around my home but still doing some fact finding. Thanks in advance for your response…

BTW, Ring’s competitors offers Mode Scheduling as a default with no additional components needed…

Why doesn’t Ring app allow you to display 4 cameras on a single screen anymore? The only way to do it is display them as thumbnails which is too small and not appealing. I used to be able to display 4 camera previews on a single screen. You can try it out yourself on a tablet…it doesn’t let you do that anymore…which is ashamed.