Feature Update: Schedule your Ring Alarm to Arm and Disarm Automatically

Rollout Info: You might not see this in your app currently because it is being released slowly to all Ring Alarm users. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this to all our neighbors!

We are always working to bring features to better your experience with your devices. Which is why we are excited to tell you more about the new Ring Alarm mode schedules update, learn more below.

How Alarm Mode Schedules Can Be Used
You can create multiple Alarm mode schedules to have your Ring Alarm switch to Disarm, Home, or Away mode at specific times. For example, if your family is early to rise and you know everyone is going to be out the door every morning by a certain time, you can create a schedule to switch your Ring Alarm into Away Mode at 6 am during the week. Even better, you can set multiple schedules for specific days to accommodate your lifestyle through out the week and weekends.

Setting Multiple Alarm Mode Schedules
You are able to set multiple schedules to fit your needs. All schedules will show in the Mode Schedules section in settings, this is where you can toggle them on and off or tap to edit them. If there is a conflict with any of your schedules an error message will appear in the Mode Schedules section and highlight the schedules in red which are causing the conflict. It is important that you resolve the conflicts immediately to avoid any mode arming or disarming confusions. You can do so by updating the current conflicting schedules time, day, or mode. You can also toggle the schedule off.

How to Set a New Alarm Modes Schedule
Follow the steps below to set your desired schedule. Note: You must be the Ring account Owner for the Alarm to create, edit, and delete mode schedules.

  • Open the main menu in the top left corner of the Ring mobile app.
  • Select Settings .
  • Select Mode Schedules .
  • Select Add Schedule .
  • Create a name for the schedule, then choose a mode, and time for the schedule.
  • Tap the day(s) of the week you’d like this schedule to occur.
  • Select Add Schedule.
  • Now your schedule is good to go!

Learn more about Ring Alarm Mode Schedules in this Ring Help Center article. Note: When arming the Alarm system by a schedule, all faulted sensors will be automatically bypassed.

We want to hear how you plan to use your Alarm Mode Schedule, reply to tell us more in the replies below!


How or when will this option be available for everyone ?
looking forward to testing this out…

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Hi there, @Calciumdude! Check out the “Rollout Info” section of the above article, which states:

This is going out to all neighbors as we speak! Keep an eye on your Ring app and Alarm features. :slight_smile:

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I still don’t see “Mode Schedules”. Under “settings” I have an option that says “modes”, but it doesn’t have any option to set schedules. Is this feature still rolling out?


I understand the answer to “when will this be available?” is “you just have to wait” …

… but, it would be great to have this working on more devices soon. It will greatly increase the functionality of my system.

Thanks. Appreciate the effort in putting this together.

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@Riley_Ring Hi Riley, can you please request that arm/disarm scheduling also be enabled for the various cameras including battery spotlight? Sometimes you don’t want either notifications OR motion recording and the only way to do both is to completey arm/disarm manually. It would be very convenient, and practical to have arm/disarm (Mode scheduling) enabled for cameras too. Thanks

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Ring should have mentioned on their support article for mode scheduling that feature hasn’t been rolled out to most people. I just bought Ring Alarm System without realizing that it isn’t available yet. I wasted over one hour trying to find option for enabling it as there’s no mention of it being phased rollout.
Otherwise I’m satisfied with this product but this is really important feature for me and I hope it’s rolled out ASAP!

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Same as many comments before- just purchased and installed Ring security system to replace Comcast Xfinity security and so disappointed to not be able to schedule Arm and Disarm yet. It’s one of the only things that gave me a peace of mind every night…knowing our security system was on without having to do it each night. I’ll be (not) patiently waiting for it to come to me.

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Hi there, neighbors! This feature is indeed still rolling out to neighbors. You are certainly looking in the right place in your Ring app, so keep an eye on the settings area for the feature when it becomes available to you. As always, we appreciate this feedback and will share it with our teams here. :slight_smile:

Do you happen to have an ETA on when this rollout will be complete? I’m very much looking forward to this feature but it’s not available to me yet.

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I received this feature yesterday and have a few questions. I didn’t get a notification that I got it, but just happened to look and saw I had that new feature.

It seems to work very well. However, every time my Mode changes I get a push notification sent to my phones, as well as an email sent that the system was armed/disarmed via the schedule name. Under ‘Alarm Alerts’ I already had ‘Mode Updates’ toggled off for both push and email.

Is there any toggle under Alarm Alerts that I can turn off so I don’t get notifications when the system is armed/disarmed via the schedule? I also don’t want to disable something I might end up regretting having disabled later on. I really like this new feature and would like to use it but I’ll have to disable Mode Schedules if there’s no way to disable the push and email alerts every time the schedule changes a mode. I just don’t need 2 duplicate alerts notifying me of a mode change based off a schedule I created in the first place.

Thank you


I’m in Richmond Tx, when the feature will be available?

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It is June 22, 2021 — two months after the Rollout beginning. Can you please give a percentage coverage at least so that we who are expecting this feature don’t stare our eyes out?


As mentioned, please update the help article to indicate this is an invite only feature.

Yes, can you please provide a general timeframe when this will be available? I just purchased an alarm and several cameras. Coming from SmartThings and Arlo I was surprised this didn’t already exist. Thanks for your help!

I’m in the Pacific Northwest and was able to finally see the feature in my Ring App last week and no I didn’t pre-signup for it.
It works very well and much appreciated by our house.
Now if I could only get rid of the Notifications of when it turns on/off.

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@Riley_Ring , does the schedule override the current armed mode? For example, I have a schedule to arm my alarm to home mode every night at 10. But I go on vacation and set my alarm to away mode. If I don’t disable the schedule will the system change my alarm from away to home mode that night at 10?


Yea anyone go on vacation and arm it. What happens ?

Good question, @Coy and @User1man! When you have an Alarm Modes schedule in place and you manually arm your system to away, for instance, it will indeed honor the next scheduled mode option and change. Please remember to make any shared or guest users aware of this. :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring Hi Marley. Do you know if this is being rolled out for the cameras too? This is an excellent feature and it seems it could now be simply added to the cameras as well.

I like to disarm the cameras at certain points during the day, and then arm (Home mode) at night. It would be extremely useful to have this feature. Thanks

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