Feature to allow instant away mode

I am often up late at night and end up setting my ring alarm to away mode while all of my family is sleeping. The countdown and voice wakes people up. It would be nice if there was an option which would allow a user to set the alarm to away mode instantly so that the countdown and voice are bypassed. For example:

  • On the app there could be an Instant Away button. When this is selected, the ring alarm is instantly set to Away and a voice states Armed and Away with no countdown
  • On the keypads, this could be enabled by the user entering the passcode and hitting the away button two times instead of once and the ring alarm is instantly set to Away

Someone may think I am better off simply setting my alarm to home and armed to bypass the countdown. However, this would not allow my motion sensors to immediately set the alarm off if motion is detected so this is not a good solution.


This sounds like this a “Hot Idea” . . . with a similar post in the Ring Alarm forum with over 5, 400 views! ?


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Please add this feature! It’s the thing I miss most about my old alarm system! Thank you very much for posting this.