Feature Suggestions

Some feature or new product suggestions:

  1. 2K or 4K resolution cameras (wired and wireless).
  2. The ability to leave video on monitor (phone, pc, Amazon Echo, etc) for extended or unlimited amount of time (let the user choose, not Ring), particularly for wired devices.
  3. An LPR (license plate reader) camera.

Number 1 above would encourage me to upgrade my cameras to the newer ones.
Number 2 above would be a value added feature that most users would appreciate.
Number 3 above is a product that some would find valuable.

Many other companies have one, the other, or all of these features.

You already have this posted here ( Higher Resolution; Longer Video Review Time; LPR Cameras - Products / Feature Request Board - Ring Community)
Here’s my comment from there.

  1. Do you, and others, have enough bandwidth, WiFi and ISP, to handle the higher resolutions?
  2. Since Ring devices are still primarily battery powered, even with solar, this isn’t going to be doable for those devices.
  3. LPR has grave privacy concerns and considerations. This should not be territory Ring should get involved in. Law enforcement has enough issues surrounding LPR, it’d likely be even worse for private individuals.