Feature Suggestion

An automatic Mode schedule would be great. Sometimes we forget to turn on the Alarm. Why not create a feature where, for example, we can schedule the alarm to go to into a particular mode at a specific time of the day? Please look at what Arlo has done. We can set up multiple schedules. And this way, if we forget to turn the alarm on, the system can catch that and start the alarm based on the schedule or schedules we create. This is also equally important if we are in charge of an elderly person’s ring alarm. We could schedule the alarms for 1 am or 2 am, just to make sure by then we catch that. #schedule, #calendar, #automatic-alarm

By the way, posting a feature suggestion on your feature board is HORRIBLE, DIFFICULT, MAKES NO SENSE AND IS USELESS.

For a company that has prides itself on reviewers, this App is a failure. I couldn’t post my suggestion without first picking a tag. And the tag I need isn’t listed. So it’s all useless. Now I’m forced to pick a tag that’s irrelevant just to be able to post my suggested feature. This is terrible and it wasted so much of my time for no good reason. Fix this please.