Feature Suggestion

I’m sure the ability to watch all cameras on one screen has been suggested, but I would also like to suggest that in addition to a “Live View” mode we also have a “Monitor” mode.

In monitor mode, the camera would not be recording unless there was activity (and perhaps that could also be a toggle - to not record even if there was activity in the case of busy locations).

I want to be able to watch all of my cameras on an active screen all the time from my bedroom and office but don’t necessarily need these streams recorded, and I certainly want the timeout to be longer than 10 minutes – in fact, in monitor mode, let it run until I turn it off for wired cameras, perhaps hours at a time for battery powered cameras.

You’re not going to get very much time (much less than you think) for battery powered cameras so this wouldn’t be a feature for them.
I have other security cameras that are 24/7, though I found out what a time waster it is to constantly look at them or have them displaying constantly. There’s really not gangs of bad people trying to steal things from me much to my surprise LOL!
I used to keep about a months worth of video, but finally figured out that was just being obsessive and have cut it back to 7 days.
Truth be told, having cameras (Ring or other), can get one into a bunker mentality that isn’t healthy. I should know, I did, but luckily I finally figured out how unhealthy that was for me.

Good luck!

Um…okay? LIke, are we all the same with all the same needs?

You do you and I’ll do me, okay?