Feature Suggestion

I’m sure the ability to watch all cameras on one screen has been suggested, but I would also like to suggest that in addition to a “Live View” mode we also have a “Monitor” mode.

In monitor mode, the camera would not be recording unless there was activity (and perhaps that could also be a toggle - to not record even if there was activity in the case of busy locations).

I want to be able to watch all of my cameras on an active screen all the time from my bedroom and office but don’t necessarily need these streams recorded, and I certainly want the timeout to be longer than 10 minutes – in fact, in monitor mode, let it run until I turn it off for wired cameras, perhaps hours at a time for battery powered cameras.

Um…okay? LIke, are we all the same with all the same needs?

You do you and I’ll do me, okay?

I agree with the monitoring when using in an office setting. I cannot see my main door and I would like to see who is entering and possibly protect my employees with an affordable option. If it is on monitor then there would not be a storage/record ability. This solves multiple problems.