Feature request: Ring spotlight battery level for NiMH rechargeable batteries

The Ring spotlight battery level estimate (shown as a percent) is based off of alkaline voltage levels. When rechargeable NiMH batteries are used, that estimate is way off. It starts off at 76% for fully charged batteries (approx 1.3v each cell). After 6 months, the estimate reads 54%. This is obviously way off due to the different voltage curves between alkaline and NiMH cells.

I’m using EBL 10,000 mAh D cells which last around 8-12 months in the Ring Spotlight. I recharge them at 6 mo to avoid depleting them too low. The estimate makes that difficult, as I’m basically guessing at the remaining charge.

I’d like to see a selection for battery chemistry (alkaline vs NiMH) and a cell capacity input. In my case that value would be 10,000 mAh and is important to calculate the remaining capacity. I bet some people use spacers with AA 2000 mAh cells, and for them it’s even more important to get a good estimate so they don’t over-discharge the cells.

PS: there’s no tag for the Ring Spotlight :frowning: